Aerate, amend and topdress in one pass


Traditional core aeration is time consuming and requires several steps to return turf to a playable surface. DryJect® is a revolutionary service which, when added to your maintenance program, can reduce the need for core aerification and greatly amplify the benefits of sand amendments by distributing them into the ground more completely.


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DryJect’s high-pressure, water-based injection system blasts aeration holes through the root zone to fracture the soil, while it’s patented vacuum technology simultaneously fills holes with amendment. Relieve compaction, increase water filtration, reach the root zone with oxygen and amend your soil all at the same time, leaving the surface smooth and playable. Best of all, an independent DryJect service professional does it for you, so you don’t need to own the DryJect machine to experience its benefits.


DryJect allows you to:

  • Aerate, amend and topdress in one pass, allowing a smooth surface that’s ready for play in an hour.
  • Help new sod knit to the soil below by creating channels filled with amendment, allowing roots to penetrate deeper.
  • Punch through sports turf, allowing better root proliferation.
  • Combine soil modification with aeration for increased soil benefit.
  • Apply up to 250% more material than traditional topdress applications.
  • Adjust aeration spacing and depth (up to 8 inches).
  • Inject amendments such as sand and porous ceramics directly into the soil.



  • Cost-efficient. DryJect is a contracted service with professional machine operators, lowering labor costs and freeing up your maintenance staff. Plus, DryJect allows uninterrupted play so there’s minimal lost revenue.
  • Fast. Aerate, topdress and amend in one operation. The surface is playable one hour after application.
  • Virtually invisible. Minimal cleanup or surface disruption.
  • Effective. Deep aeration holes are filled completely, whether injecting in sports turf or putting greens, up to 12 Tons of sand or 4 Tonsporous ceramic per acre.
  • Immediately helpful. During the playing season, a quick application can relieve stressed areas when needed most.
  • Versatile. You can adjust depth (2-8 inches depending on soil type and compaction) and aeration spacing (2-6 inches)

How DryJect Works!


The 3 Step Process

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Turf managers at some of the most prestigious golf courses and sports fields in the nation have already discovered the DryJect® difference. In fact, 1/2 of the top 25 golf courses from Golf Digest’s 2012 Top 100 courses* use the DryJect service.

It Pays to Use DryJect.

"Our data shows that when we core aerate and topdress in early September we see about a $30,000 drop in revenue over the next two weeks. But when using Dryject we have only one day of lost revenue. We estimate a $19,000 savings using DryJect over core aeration."

— Justin N Smith, GM, Olde Homestead Golf Club


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